The 13th annual
Hudson River

Westfield State College
April 8, 2006

The Math Dept at Westfield (MA) State is in Wilson Hall.

Invited Address:
Number Theory: Partitions and the Legacy of Dyson and Ramanujan
Ken Ono, University of Wisconsin

Colgate contingent: Dave Lantz, Kellen Myers and Jennifer Moorhouse

Prof. Moorhouse chaired a session:

Registration was held in Scanlon Hall:

The Mobius Band of WSC presented a new ending for the mathematical play "Proof", which they called "Proof II":

Prof. Floren of WSC models the T-shirt the Mobius Band wore, so that people could find them to get help:

The keynote address was in Dever Auditorium of Parenzo Hall. After the address, everyone trooped past the side of Parenzo to lunch:

Lunch was in the Dining Commons:

Prof. Ono enjoyed talking about his mathematics over lunch:

There were talks on many topics, including a differential equations model of the Black Death by a prospective med student:

and the use of elliptic curves in creating secret codes:

The campus and facilities at Westfield State were beautiful, even if Spring hadn't really sprung:

The Career and Counseling Center was across the quad from the Dining Commons:

The Ely Library was at the west end of the quad: