2D Map Iterator

Enter the difference equation and plotting parameters you wish to compute numerically then select the "Calculate" button. Syntax for functions: You can use ** or ^ to raise to a power. The functions sin, cos, tan, atan, asin, acos, log, exp, sqrt are also available.

Enter the map: (use "x" and "y" as the symbols for xk and yk)

Initial Value for (x,y): x= y=

Ignore the first how many time periods? Then plot how many time periods?

Output Parameters

Show Graph? Scale: xmin: xmax: ymin: ymax:
Show Numbers?

Other Miscellaneous Stuff

Black and White: ..........Show points as: Dots: Bigger symbols:
Value considered to be infinite (stop computing orbit):
Plot only every iterations.

Written by: Dan Schult
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