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MATH 112 - Calculus II (Fall 2016)

Section A: MWRF 8:20-9:10, 226 McGregory

Section B: MWRF 9:20-10:10, 217 McGregory

Registered students: Please log in to the Colgate moodle site, and then click on the links to Piazza and WebAssign.
All announcements and materials will be posted on Piazza.
For any lecture & HW question, please ask on the Piazza Q&A board!

You will need to purchase a WebAssign access code to do the homework for this class.
It can be purchased either bundled with the physical textbook, or as a stand-alone.
To enroll in the WebAssign class site, enter your access code and the class code colgate 1692 0941.
You will have access to the e-text when you enroll in WebAssign.

  • Instructor: Joe P. Chen

  • Contact: 214 McGregory, jpchen-at-colgate-dot-edu. Please observe the proper e-mail etiquettes.

  • Office Hours: WRF 10:20-11:50. Other times by e-mail appointment. (Note: My availability is limited on Mondays due to research obligations.)

  • Course tutor: Michael (Mike) Heins '17, mheins-at-colgate-dot-edu.

  • Tutor Hours: W 19:00-21:00, 007 Persson. Also Monday evenings prior to the midterm exams.

  • Syllabus. Please read it carefully as it contains almost all the relevant information!

  • Text: James Stewart, Calculus, 8th ed.

  • Prerequisites: Satisfactory performance in MATH 111 (or equivalent), or a score of 4+ on the AP Calculus AB exam, or a score of 3 on the AP Calculus BC exam.

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