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Math 3160 - Probability (Spring 2016)

Section 007: MWF 12:20-13:10, MSB 203

Registered students: Please log on to HuskyCT and enroll in the Piazza course site.
All materials and assignments will be posted on Piazza.
For any lecture & HW question, please ask on the Piazza Q&A board!

  • Instructor: Joe P. Chen

  • Contact: MSB 232, (first name).(middle initial).(last name) Please observe the proper e-mail etiquettes.

  • Office Hours: MWF 10:00~11:00, MW 13:30~14:30. Also by appointment.

  • Syllabus (subject to minor change, but practically final).

  • Prerequisites: Solid mastery of calculus, up to and including series, limits, partial differentiation, and multiple integration.

  • This section will be taught "flipped classroom" style. This means that you will be responsible for watching video lectures on upcoming topics BEFORE each class meeting. This will enable us to spend more class time actively engaged in solving problems and more two-way discussions.

  • A gallery of past MATH 3160 exam and homework problems (no solutions)

  • **ENROLLMENT INFO** (UPDATED 01/21/2016): Due to seat capacity issues, this section is closed to enrollment, and no permission numbers will be issued.

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