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Volume 9 (2009)

     Proceedings of Journées Numération 2008 in Prague

  • Preface

  • A19: Symmetric CNS Polynomials (pp. 201-214)
    • Horst Brunotte
  • A20: On the β-Expansion of an Algebraic Number in an Algebraic Base β (pp. 215-226)
    • Yann Bugeaud
  • A21: A Planar Integral Self-Affine Tile With Cantor Set Intersections With Its Neighbors (pp. 227-237)
    • Shu-Juan Duan, Dan Liu, and Tai-Man Tang
  • A22: Beta-Expansions With Negative Bases (pp. 239-259)
    • Shunji Ito and Taizo Sadahiro
  • A23: Convergence in Möbius Number Systems (pp. 261-279)
    • Alexandr Kazda
  • A24: Factor Complexity of Infinite Words Associated With Non-Simple Parry Numbers (pp. 281-310)
    • Karel Klouda and Edita Pelantová
  • A25: On the Boundary of the Set of the Closure of Contractive Polynomials (pp. 311-325)
    • Attila Pethő
  • A26: Christoffel Words and Markoff Triples (pp. 327-332)
    • Christophe Reutenauer
  • A27: Characterizations of Words With Many Periods (pp. 333-342)
    • Robert Tijdeman and Luca Q. Zamboni

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