MATH 320: Abstract Algebra I

Spring 2004

Instructor: K G Valente

Course outline

Session calendar
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Information regarding exercises
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  • Group 1 [W 2.20]: N Homer, A Khazaee; M Melniciuc; K Rest
  • Group 2 [Th 9.20]: N Blauss; K Clark; T King
  • Group 3 [M 2.20]: H Clark; B Dinneen; S Han; K Myers
  • Group 4 [Th 11.20]: K Hwang; L Jones; L Kenny; A Leeman
  • Group 5 [Tu 9.20]: J Kurstin; N Morton
  • Group 6 [Th 2.20]: J Levine; S Oikawa; K Rokicki; G Savio

The time associated with a group [which has been determined on the basis of your academic schedules] will be used for meetings that will be scheduled to take place in my office on four dates to be determined during the semester.  [See the course outline entry on group work.] 

I'll notify groups of meeting dates by email as appropriate.

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