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Course MATH 320: Abstract Algebra I
Instructor K G Valente / 206 McGregory Hall / x.7247 /
Office hours M 8.30 - 9.20; Tu 2.20 - 3.10; Th 10.20 - 11.10 or by appointment
Required text Saracino, Abstract Algebra: A First Course
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Course Policies

Coursework.  A list of suggested exercises is set for each section of the text that we'll cover; this list is maintained on the session calendar.  Of these, you'll only be required to submit selected exercises that will constitute 20% of your grade.  Some of these will be individual submissions, and others will be the result of group work.

Individual submissions.  Athough I would encourage you to work with others in this course, individual submissions are meant to reflect your own efforts.  You'll have two opportunities to receive credit for exercises submitted individually.  That is, if your first submission is not considered to be satisfactory, you'll be able to resubmit your work for credit. 

At this level, coursework requires constant attention and, often, repeated efforts.  Don't expect to get through an exercise the first time you attempt it!  To encourage you to work on exercises continously throughout the semester, at least one individual submission will be collected at essentially every session. Appropriate collection dates will be maintained on the session calendar, and you'll need to pay careful attention to these!

I ask that individual submission conform to the following standards:

Learning to writing mathematics in a careful and correct manner is a fundamental objective of this courseConsequently, I will stop reading any submission at the first instance of an incoherent, incomplete or incorrect sentence.

Group work.  During the first week of the semester, I'll divide the class into six [6] groups.  Once determined, these groups will be listed on the main course webpage.  Each group will be required to complete four [4] exercises during the semester.   Each exercise will be discussed by the group in my office at an appropriately scheduled meeting.  The group will then be responsible for submitting a written record of its work that will be posted to the course webpage.  Arrangements for group meetings will be made by email, but due dates for group submissions will be found on the session calendar.

Exams.  Four two-hour exams will represent the remaining 80% of the course grade and be given during the semester as follows:

Exam locations and other details will be posted to the session calendar.

Other Important Dates.

28 January: Last day to Add/Drop and record S/U grade options
24 March: Last day to Withdraw

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