Math 102 / Core 143, Course Information

Unit Assignments

  1. Experiments and Observational Studies (Due: Jan 24)
  2. Distributions and Measures of Center (Due: Jan 28)
  3. Variability and the Normal Curve with computer project. (Due: Feb 4)
  4. Correlation and Causation (Due: Feb 11)
  5. Regression Analysis (Due: Feb 18)
  6. Probability with final project initial proposal. (Due: March 4)
  7. Chance Variability with midterm project. (Due: March 11
  8. Normal Distribution with computer project. (Due: March 25)
  9. Sampling with computer project. (Due: April 1)
  10. Hypothesis Tests with computer project. (Due: April 15)
  11. Chi-Squared Tests (Due: April 22)

Lecture notes, Professor Ionescu

  1. Lecture Notes created for this course
    based on the Freedman, Pisani, Purves textbook.


Course Documents

Excel Supplemental Information

  1. How to get the Macros for Excel on a Mac using StatPlusLE
  2. Histogram and Regression Macros (using Data Analysis, StatPlusLE or neither)
  3. Handout for basic exercises using Excel
  4. Handout for simulation exercises

Off-Campus Resources