Math 399, Math Problem Solving, Spring 2011

Julia set


Marius Ionescu
Office: 201K MCGREG
email: mionescu at
Office Hours:We 1:00-2:30; Th 1:30-3:00


Important dates for the course

Final project info


There will be 9 homework assignments for this course. The homeworks are due each Friday. The first homework is due on Friday, January 28.

  1. Homework 1, due Friday, January 28 PDF file and TEX file
  2. Homework 2, due Friday, February 4 PDF file and TEX file
  3. Homework 3, due Friday, February 11 PDF file and TEX file
  4. Homework 4, due Friday, February 18 PDF file and TEX file
  5. Homework 5, due Friday, February 25 PDF file and TEX file
  6. Homework 6, due Friday, March 11 PDF file and TEX file


  1. Lecture 1, 01/17/11 Note the special hour: 9:00am Introduction, Syllabus
  2. Lecture 2, 01/19/11 List of problems for the first week: PDF file and TEX file
  3. Lecture 3, 01/21/11 Problems, Iterations of dynamical systems and chaos

LaTeX Info

Here are some websites where you can find tutorials and information about LaTeX:

How to install and use LaTeX


Beamer is a special LaTeX package that you can use to create great presentations. You should be able to install easily beamer from Miktex or Texshop. If you use Linux you can install the beamer package using a software manager.
You can download the beamer manual here

Marius Ionescu, 05 Feb 2011